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Branding & Product Collateral
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  • Director/Visionary
  • Owner of LI, LLC
  • Multifaceted Designer
  • Photographer
  • Business
  • Staff
  • Brand/Marketing Team
  • Third-Party Vendors
  • Contractors


Instruction and Education Brand


Tathata Golf is a culmination of the last thirty years of training, learning, growing, and searching in all different directions to better train one’s mind, body, and swing. Tathata Golf will not only change the way you play the game of golf but will change the way you live your life, all while realizing your own greatness.

The culmination of this life study has brought Hepler to this place and he is greatly honored to have been given this moment to share all that has been discovered, learned, and organized in an easy approach for any individual to grasp and as well carry forth to the next level over time as they continue on their own journey to achieve greatness.

The strength of a true curriculum is the path of learning provided, and the unwavering passion to deliver it in a peaceful loving way. Tathata Golf is designed for every golfer to have a path of learning that validates not truth but provides a pathway to reach his or her own greatness. This is a moment for all the individual thoughts and all the distinct differences within golf instruction to softly quiet and comes together to help the game we all love.

Tathata, in its truest sense, means


A sense of complete understanding and all-knowing

Tathata Golf Training has been built around this principle. This program is designed for you to move beyond all discussions of right and wrong, beyond theories and systems, and simply shed light on a whole new way to learn the game of golf.

Combinations taught through Shambhala, a secular approach to meditation developed by Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa and his students, to sit with strength and energy. Teaching the understanding of how one sits or stands, athletically, alive to embody the energy and movement within. Through this journey exploring teachings from Tsultrin Serri (discipline Golden Mountain) that signified your place within the path. These practices are the foundation of the Tathata Mental Training Exercises…

This overview should have given you a foundation of the background and context in which Tathata’s brand was created around.

Brand & Product Collateral Delivery
  • Collaboration/Consultation
  • Planning/Organizing Production
  • Identities & Product Brands
  • Badges/Iconography
  • Business Cards, Letterheads, & Posters
  • Wide Variety of Signs
  • Golf Tents, Booths, & Course Programs
  • Golf Pop-Ups / Flags
  • Swag, Clothing, Hats
  • Embroidery & Golf Bags
  • Stages, Conferences, Sales Booths
  • Course Certification Placks
  • Boxes & DVD Course Sets
  • Websites & Online Training Course

Learned, Researched, &

Brian Helper owner of Helper Golf had a vision and had been doing a new way of training, however needed someone to take it to the next level. He had approached Kyle in sharing this vision and business plans to turn Tathata into a full brand and course online.

Kyle & Brain took several months in sorting ideas and breaking down this project into phases. Kyle quickly dove into researching Brains philosophies and studies of what he practiced.  Kyle absorbed as much as possible from Brian, as he quickly started gathering his research & findings while formulating plans, teams, print vendors, and sample materials.

How Kyle started
  • Competitor Studies
  • Historical Studies
  • Golf Training Software, Companies, & Virtual Training
  • Gathering historical cultural artifacts, materials, & references of Tsultrin Serri, Chogyam Trungpa, sensei, grandmasters, martial arts, and etc. 
  • One-on-one workshops daily / weekly touchpoints
  • Researching audiences, verticals, & niches
  • Breaking down all of his training, while learning from it
  • Compared/Researched Helpers clients & training currently
  • Mind mapping, word study, color theory, and cultures
  • Brainstorming & Moodboards

Education & Defining

Marketing Strategies


Current Business Environment Analysis

Breakdowns of both the micro-and macro-environments of Tathata business and industry as they are right now.

Brand Promise and Positioning Statements

Identifying Tathata’s brands’ reason for existing and the value it delivers to consumers. Descriptions of the brand’s position relative to its direct and indirect competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Created a detailed list of Tathata’s competitors, their products, their online destinations, their marketing efforts, their content publishing, and their competitive advantages and disadvantages.

Customer Analysis

Descriptions of Tathata’s target audience and segment consumers into unique buyer personas. Identifying their reasons for buying your brand or competitor brands, and what is most important to them when they purchase products like yours. Descriptions of what you can deliver to customers that meet those wants and needs. While defining where your audience spends time online.

Budget and Resources

Defined the budgets of Tahata for the next 12 months to invest in content marketing, branding efforts as well as the labor and time you have available to dedicate to content marketing each day.


Identifying the top three goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months in branding & awareness.
Fast Forward
Black & White

Exploratory & Brainstorming of Fonts, Brushes, & Customization digital sketches

Iconography &
Combinations of Fonts

After narrowing down direction, it was to introduce the iconography and mold it together

Taglines & Combos
Evaluation of the Details

Keeping in mind printing, materials, & a wide variety of usage was a challenge while keeping the client first throughout this process incorporating feedback & education seamlessly. 

Identity Final



Tranz Overlay


Vision to Life

Preparing for Collateral & Product Separation/Categories

Helpers teams & Kyle broke down the phases of establishing products, media buying, printing & advertising accordingly in helping Tathata raise funding, and stakeholders to carry forward in Helper’s vision and passion.

In collaboration, we took the branding and enhanced how it would be used while going after all the priorities and front-facing areas that were approaching first.  It was a grinding against time with small teams and some great vendors that worked alongside us during the creation & testing phases of launching products in time for key monumental moments that were crucial for impact.

There were many days, nights, weekends of conversations going into the wee hours of the mornings while producing mock-ups and to be ready for print within hours not to include many surprises along the way. While the teams at Helper were transitioning into Tathata, Kyle helped educate, plan, for multiple collateral items while alignment of plans and timelines coordinating with vendors and just about anything else that would arise to the occasion. Many of us wore fifteen hats, endless hours, and were working around the clock getting the job was done that came with many success stories.

Delivery & Product Collaterals

Worked with vendors of all sorts during production for the most part. Helped with Pantones, patterns, print test, papers, material testing, cheap solutions, gloss & spot varnishes when Kyle was included.

There were those occasions in where the client learned through their rushes, cheap printers, and when Kyle wasn’t included that prints did not match in color or finals were a bit bleak.

  • Company Letterheads, Business Cards, Labels, Emails, Newsletters, Presentation, Pitch Decks, Handouts &, etc
  • Headquarters Renovated Signs, Posters, Vynal’s, TV Placements
  • Outdoor Facility Renovated Building Signs, Banners, Club House Awareness
  • Outdoor Training Course Dust Bags, Tents, Tables, Chairs, Flags, Course Signs, Popups, &, etc
  • Indoor Facility Renovated Building Signs, Pop-ups, Double-sided Teardrop Flags, Programs, & Tv Displays
  • Convention/Event Mobile Displays Tents, Chairs, Tabletops, Skirts, Backdrops, Bags, Swag, Roll-Up Banners &, etc
  • Tathata Life Packaging, Boxes, Badges, Identities, and Web Promotions
  • Tathata Life, Mind, Body, Swing Branding/Identities & Badges. Created & organized throughout his course training: visually & into the completion of training: Dvd, Web, Print.
  • DVD Packaging Packaging/Box Wraps, DVD Labels, Product Displays, Casing, Web banners, DVD Production cross collaborations & storyboards with video teams &, etc.
  • Tathata Online Academy 60 Day Program & Additional Training and Registering for events @ the facilities online
  • Trifolds/Programs

Finished Products

Within Their Environments

Project Stats




Major Partners


Google & Golf Training
Project Outcome

The Golf Agency ~ Mike Abram, Ten Marketing & PR Group ~ Tracy Nackle, Vanessa Price, were a huge part of the puzzle pieces of expertise, relationships, and PR within the golf realm that helped make Tahata Golf, LLC in addition to Kyle Vena’s work from Lucid Industries, LLC.

We all had helped Brian – Helper Golf, LLC get to his final stages in raising capital to support his media buys and product inventory.  The funding was used to purchase the 30-60 second commercials on Golf Channel that will lead in marketing the launch of its flagship product, the Tathata Golf 60-Day Training program. Funds will also be used for inventory purchases of the 60-day Program and supporting product lines.

Helper Golf LLC had raised $1.8 million in three years or less to support the development of the Tathata brand, products, and indoor/outdoor training facility. Launched Tathata Golf and the 60day program in July 2015. Tathata Golf was set to reshape golf like never before as the LPGA, PGA and other golf associations came together to help support and promote a golf instruction curriculum above their own.

Products, Programs Launch History
  • 6/2013-9/2o13 Tathata Brand Creation
  • 10/2013-1/2014 Tathata Additional Branding of Programs, Product Lines &, etc
  • May 2014 Tathata Golf Certified Instructor Program
  • July 2014 Tathata Golf 60 Day Training Program
  • July 2014 Tathata Life – Green food, health and wellness drinks
  • July 2014 Tathata / Puma Apparel Lines
  • Sept 2014 Tathata Golf 1 & 2 Day Experiences
  • MVP July 2015/ Launch Sept 2015 Tathata Golf Online Academy – 60 Day Programs & Additional Training
Mentions & Special Thanks
  • Amanda Haynes
  • Chris Jenkins
  • Bob Linger
  • Natalie Campisi
  • Mark Patch
  • Matt (TX)
  • Paul (PA)
  • Woody Short

If there was anyone that was forgotten here, it wasn’t intended.

Personal Commentary

As there were many successes, however, with every success, there’s a sacrifice. Some are unforeseen yet others are done out of passion. When you are robbed or blindsided ~ it tends to burn like hell coming from whom you believed in, it rippled to the ones you cared for…

After the first few phases in design/creative and printing/fabrication were accomplished by Kyle & TGA/Ten Mtk. He had much help in facilitating phase three in the “Digital Landscapes and Online Training Applications”; The planning, marketing scopes, content writing, web development, SEO, social & planning & calendars, video effects, DVD development, commercials, &, etc as it’s worth mentioning a special thanks personally from Kyle as the sacrifices domino throughout teams.