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Routines & Qualities of Kyle

Pump him up, let’s collaborate, unite on goals, and let him loose.
Kyle isn’t one to disappoint when the trigger is pulled.

Highlighted Attributes

His Core Fundamentals

Kyle will often push tools like Sketch, InVision, Figma, and Adobe Suite to their extreme. Having a computer that can outperform Kyle is key to speed and extreme pushes.


Use visual and verbal storytelling to share your discoveries, gather and integrate feedback, influence, and create energy for an idea.

  • Action-Oriented. Kyle doesn’t wait for someone to tell you what to do, Kyle constantly pushing a vision and a point of view through his designs. As he loves expressing his design ideas in a variety of formats, at any stage of development, as quickly as possible.
  • A Strategic Problem-Solver. Kyle’s comfortable in ambiguity and passionate about finding clarity. He considers multiple perspectives, objectives, and needs to arrive at the ideal solution. He’s business-savvy while keeping your users’ needs at the forefront of his designs.

Across-disciplinary teams or independently here in the USA or internationally.


Develop and communicate a level of effort, plan work in a team environment, adjust quickly to changes or new information, and escalate when necessary.

  • Customer Obsessed Kyle is genuinely interested in designing beautiful experiences that impact people’s lives. Kyle makes it his business to know as much as you can about the people you are designing for and make design decisions based on their needs. His investigative research comes in handy.
  • Collaborative Kyle will collaborate with business analysts, product managers, developers, and design teams on research activities, strategy sessions, ideation, design, and testing of new product concepts.

UX practices, using a range of methodologies including design research, personas, service blueprinting, ideation, and creating frameworks.


User Flows in information architecture, journey mapping, and translating customer research, analytics, and insights for the best storytelling output.

  • A Storyteller Kyle’s ability to develop clear and persuasive stories about your work that you share with a wide range of audiences, including business partners and stakeholders. As well as able to present research findings and design concepts to designers and product partners.
  • Detail Oriented Kyle believes that your production files are always pixel perfect and you’ve thought through every permutation of your designs, making the development process smooth sailing.
  • Ability to Scope Requests develop and communicate a level of effort, plan work in a team environment, adjust quickly to changes or new information, and escalate when necessary.

Delivers designs across and tailored to large monitors, tablets, phones, and other device types.


Knows a thing or two here in the ability to work closely in code, while speaking the lingo with engineers to implement designs.

  • A Successful Juggler No I’m not a clown, don’t treat me like one as Kyle is able to keep track of multiple projects at once, manage your time efficiently, and communicate scheduling, and with a broader team in mind. He knows that projects can adjust at the drop of a hat, as he’s adaptable and welcomes change, however, there are limits to everything as proper planning and process should limit these changes.
  • A Lifelong Learner Kyle’s hunger and drive to learn about design and different ways of creating great customer experiences and the consumption of knowledge is a game changer to him as its evolving and growing daily.
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Focused within Product/Visual Design, UX/UI Lead Roles

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Roles: UX/UI Hybrid. UX Designer, UI Designer, Visual Designer, Lead, Expert, Senior, Creative Director, Product Designer, Brand Specialist, & Digital /Graphic Designer