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Design with Purpose

As a Product and UX/UI designer, I strive to propel the vision of innovative companies to new heights by creating tailored experiences with purpose. Through collaboration and a user-centric approach, I construct brands and concepts that influence the way people interact with technology and experience life.



Lead UX/UI Designer Consultant
Oct 2022 – Jan 2023 | Greater Chicago Area

As a UX/UI Designer Consultant at 66 degrees, I designed highly effective and user-friendly dashboards for the internal Executive Administration and HR departments of PwC Financial. I consolidated pages and revised the hierarchy, making it easier for users to access and report on data quickly. This resulted in significant time savings, allocation of budgets, and detection of problematic issues ahead of time.

  • Crafted lo & hi-fidelity dashboards for the internal Executive Administration and HR departments
  • Consolidated pages and revised the hierarchy, making it easier for users to access and export reports of data quickly while keeping consistency.
  • Simplified all Navigation, Menus, Patterns, Iconography, and Visual Data / Table components, ensuring consistency in the overall UI components & PwC Design System.
  • Delivered (x4) Interactive prototypes of UI Visual/Data Dashboards.
  • Mapped and Created User Journeys for knowledge transfer.
  • Optimized Components & Final Designs for Accessibility and Inclusion.
PwC Financial

Gluwa / Creditcoin Blockchain

Senior UI Designer
Oct 2021 – March 2022  | San Francisco, California

Gluwa, a blockchain company, needed UX flows to be completed and to deliver the UI designs for their mobile app while combining their decentralized infrastructure with global investment opportunities and bridging their web & marketing into a new mobile app for a consistent experience across all touch points.

  • Conducting user research, rapid ideations, and defining user experience.
  • Identified problematic areas in design consistencies and branding with recommendations.
  • Proposed many solutions to improve the workflow, sprints, time, software, to handoffs at Gluwa.
  • Created lo & hi-fidelity UI designs for Gluwa mobile app wallet.
  • Crafted the UX/UI designs of new features of products and investment services.
  • Delivered multiple user type flows & funnels along with improving the KYC/Onboarding, Investment accounts, and mechanisms of swapping
  • Bridged web & marketing experiences into the mobile app for consistancy.
  • Delivered additional UI components, design libraries, and interactive prototypes.
  • Visual design of iconography and illustrations to maintain consistency with Gluwa’s brand and marketing for the mobile app.
  • Successfully delivered mobile app (7.0 main launch) and delivered updated feature versions (7.1, and 7.2) of added services and features

NEM / Symbol Blockchain

UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
Apr 2021 – Jul 2021 | London, England, United Kingdom

As a UX/UI designer, Kyle was heavily involved in a series of projects for NEM, a company focused on establishing a new management structure and direction. In this role, he wore many hats, including conducting project research and data analysis, creating documentation and planning materials, working on product workflow with teams, and contributing to the development of an NFT game and a new visual exploratory brand.

  • Conducted UX research and designed user interfaces for the NFT gaming interface for NEM/Symbol Platform.
  • Led the UX/UI design for the Symbol Platforms website, contributed to the design of and community design projects, and established UX research processes and documentation to improve their own wallet.
  • Delivered UX designs and user interface prototypes for the “Kiros” project, a “NEM NFT collection book.
  • Created responsive web UX/UI design for and consulted for their community members.
  • Contributed to the visual design, vision, and direction for their new brand & Symbol website.
  • Established and implemented UX research and documentation processes to improve their own wallet.
NEM Community

BBVA Open Platform

UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
May 2017 – Aug 2020 | Dallas, TX


As a UX/UI Lead Designer for BBVA Open Platform, Kyle Vena was responsible for leading the UX/UI designs of products and services for an API-driven, unified development platform. This platform allows companies to integrate banking and payment services into their own customer offerings. It is the first development platform that provides white-label banking and payment services under a company’s brand, with the support of products, infrastructure, and compliance framework of a leading US bank.

  • Collaborated with engineering and development teams to solve UX problems and alignment with APIS for backend private website environments
  • Created and delivered UX/UI designs for Public & Private Open Platform Websites from start to finish
  • Established a design system for BBVA fintech for BBVA Open Platform and aligned with global teams.
  • Ensured website UI deliverables and functionality met quality standards with QA teams and stakeholders.
  • Conducted UX Observations with KYC/KYB teams & gathered intel to solve learning curve, training, and timesavers through the onboarding & security process.
  • Rapid prototyping from start to finish UX/UI designs for KYC/KYB Admin Tools desktop business application.
  • Created print collaterals & swag for marketing, offices, employees, and conferences.

Rockfish Digital

Sr Art Director & Sr Designer
Nov 2015 – Mar 2017 | Frisco, Tx

As a senior art director at Rockfish, Kyle played a key role in branding, digital design, and marketing efforts for a diverse range of clients including Metro PCS, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Mars, Coke, and Diet Coke. He brought a strong sense of creative direction and out-of-the-box thinking to the table while being able to create products, services, and brands that people loved and trusted.

  • Collaborated with UX teams to streamline strategies for web and user interface designs for Metro PC’s e-commerce responsive website.
  • Collaborated with Samsung, Nokia, LG, and iPhone teams to deliver seasonal campaign web and mobile designs for landing pages and events with Metro PCS.
  • Created Diet Coke concepts for big box store displays and cooler systems, offering free Diet Cokes while shopping
  • Designed branding campaigns with Door Dash and Uber Eats to promote Coke products during rides or delivery.
  • Led branding, digital design, UI deliverables, and marketing efforts for various clients including Metro PCS, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Mars, Coke, and Diet Coke on Amazon


UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
Jan 2014 – Oct 2015 | Allen, Tx

Kyle is an experienced lead UI designer who collaborated with stakeholders and upper management to research and plan UX/UI for a wide range of devices, including iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and wearables like Apple watches and Android gear. He played a key role in designing applications, infographics, and responsive/liquid and HTML 5 designs for various banking services and products. Kyle also contributed to presentations, demos, and pitches.

  • Collaborated with stakeholders and upper management to strategize and conduct research and UX designs for a range of devices including Apple & Android phones, iPads, tablets, and wearables.
  • Created & delivered from start to finish the UX/UI designs for wearable devices: Moto, Gear, & iWatch.
  • Updated UX/UI Designs of their current Barclays mobile apps for IOS & Android phones for wearable connections.
  • Played a crucial role in designing applications, data infographics, and responsive/liquid web designs for banking services & products for Tech All-Stars & Tech Workbench.
  • User interfaces for visual dashboards for internal security departments, executive administration teams, servers & It departments. (USA, UK, Africa, and Egypt)
  • Assisted teams in creating presentations, interactive demos, and pitches.
  • Conceptual designs for Barclay’s entertainment & events in utilizing quick pay solutions for tickets, food, or merchandise
  • Web & mobile app design concepts for the Premier Soccer League
  • Mobile app design concepts for their Barclays Cards

Lucid Industries

Owner / Creative Director
2002-2006 Freelance
2010 – 2015 w/Employees
Tampa / St Petersburg, FL

Kyle Vena, Creative Director at Lucid Industries, grew a small start-up into a team of 10-18 professionals over a five year period. Focusing on media & design experiences through traditional and online marketing, e-commerce, SEO, and co-branding within the sports, entertainment, manufacturing, and hospitality vertical markets. He offered a full range of design and marketing services to many vendors, agencies, studios, and businesses within and out of state, positioning himself in the center of the design process.

  • Designed convention print materials including signs, posters, swag, demo displays, booth displays, table tops, and flags for SkyGolf and Tathata Golf.
  • Developed brand strategies and co-branding materials for Tathata Golf.
  • Directed UI designs for DVD training series and storyboarded 45-second commercials for the golf industry.
  • Created GPS device applications for golf courses.
  • Produced seasonal social media postings and demos for multiple clients on a monthly basis.
  • Designed sports market, celebrity & entertainment, manufacturing, and hospitality websites from start to finish.
  • Provided freelance design services to studios and production companies for their own marketing and client projects.

New Marketing Lighthouse

Creative Director / Senior Designer
Aug 2008 – Apr 2010 | St Petersburg, FL

As a seasoned creative director and lead senior designer, I crafted impactful branding strategies and co-branded materials that leave a lasting impression

Kyle led a talented team within this partnership in helping companies grow through the integration of new marketing strategies, managing projects and budgets, and driving the design and production process to successful deployment on a wide range of projects including web design, print collaterals, media and brand strategy, and co-branding endeavors.

  • Consulted on marketing, branding & brand strategies.
  • Managed projects and contracts, assembling specialized teams as needed.
  • Created branding and co-branding materials, as well as digital experiences and print collateral for clients and agencies.
  • Developed numerous web designs for small and medium businesses in local markets.

Your Membership

Art Director / Senior Designer
Jan 2008 – Jan 2010 | Downtown St Petersburg, FL

Kyle Vena, the Art Director of Creative and Design at YourMembership, was a top-notch Senior Designer. Kyle helped increased revenue, leads, and SEO practices, and rebranded the company across all outlets and touchpoints. Kyle’s expertise reshaped & designed their Sass products and services to such a degree that Fortune 500 companies followed suit within their niche.

  • Led design and production of various materials
  • Created ads and promotional content.
  • Managed teams and production schedules.
  • Trained and supervised junior designers.
  • Developed design processes and workflows
  • Collaborated with copywriters for effective marketing
  • Managed multiple concurrent projects
  • Designed user interfaces for digital applications
  • Quick to learn and adapt to new technology

Triad Digital Media

Art Director / Senior Designer
Jan 2007 – Jan 2015 | Tampa, FL

Kyle Vena as a Senior Designer specialized in crafting e-commerce websites and executed online media programs, events, digital experiences during his time at Triad Retail Media.

  • Created e-commerce websites, landing pages & digital experiences for retail brands & their products.
  • Designed seasonal retail co-branding ads for major clients such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Procter & Gamble.
  • Transformed and introduced new page layouts for Walmart landing pages.
  • Established new page layouts and branding concepts for Sam’s Club.
  • Developed new conceptual ideas to sell services within Triad Digital.

Hydrogen Media

Senior Designer
Feb 1999 – Jun 2002 | Clearwater / St Petersburg, FL

As an Art Director and Senior Designer with a strong background in fine arts and digital design. Hydrogen Media, gave him an opportunity when he had no prior knowledge the web or programming. Kyle quickly adapted and learned multiple programming languages and improved in design, web, and production in a very short time. Kyle practically lived within the studio and was often found sleeping on the company couch or at his desk when employees came into work the next day due to working/learning throughout the night.

    • Over 3.5 years, he was promoted from Graphics Designer to Senior Designer to Art Director and received numerous awards for excellence, including the designer of the month and employee of the month repeatedly.
    • Kyle’s focus areas included web design and development, interactive DVDs, marketing, illustration, and branding.
Multiple Certifications
(Figma, 3D, Video, UX Courses, UsabilityTestings, Design Thinking, Design Ethics, & etc ) Linkedin Learning
Certified Scrum Master
Mountain Goat Richardson, TX
Bachelors in Design & Media Communication
International Academy of Design Tampa, FL
Associates in Digital Communications & Video Production
Tampa Technical Institute Tampa, FL
Commercial Art & Digital Design (College Credit)
Sarasota Technical Institute - Sarasota, FL
Animation & Media (Scholarship) - Car Wreck/Prevented Completion
Ringling School of Art and Design - Sarasota, FL
Associate in Fine Art (Scholarship)
Maryland School of Art and Design - Silver Spring, MD
Awards & Mentions
  • 2021 | Gluwa Won Inclusive Fintech 50 award
  • 2019 | BBVA Excellence Award (BBVA APIs NDB – Open Platform / KYC Tools)
  • 2017 | BBVA Excellence Award (BBVA APIs and Fintech
  • 2016 | Barclays iWatch App Wonderful user experience on iWatch, Apple/ iTunes
  • 2015 | Publication Best Apple iWatch apps available at launch, Huffington Post
  • 2014 | Tathata Golf Awarded for great design and experience for a golf instructional website
  • 2010 | Your Membership Webby Award for best website in our industry
  • 2009 | Your Membership Webby Award for best website in our industry, community software & online education
  • 2004 | HD Interactive / EA Sports Lead as Second Art Director, Xbox/Playstation (x2) Football Games with EA Sports Interfaces/GRFX
  • 2003 | Tampa Bay Bucs / Studio 419 Honorable mentions of website & sports apparel – Multiple Publications

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