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Brand Specialist / Digital MKT
  • Product Team
  • Brand/Marketing Teams
  • Engineering & Development
  • UX Support / Documentation
  • QA

Marketing a new

Banking as a service business


BBVA Open Platform is an API-driven, unified development platform that enables any company to embed banking and payment services into their own customer offering.

Built by fintech entrepreneurs for developers, it’s the first development platform to offer banking and payment services that companies can white label and offer under their own brand that’s backed by products, infrastructure and compliance framework of a leading US bank.


QA to Collateral

Whether Kyle was creating company banners, posters, and swag, working on digital marketing pages, or assisting with QA, Kyle supported Open Platform’s rapid development and growth through several brand iterations, often working at short notice with limited resources. At all times, he endeavored to create a seamless Open Platform experience.

Supported Delivery
  • Presentations / Quarterly slides
  • Office Posters / Company Swag
  • Research & Discovery – Design/Platforms
  • Booth / Banners / Posters
  • Experimental & Testing designs
  • Content Design & Flow
  • Documentation Components & Spec
  • Landing Pages / Marketing Funnels
  • Photography Direction / Consistency Prod Templates
  • Support SEO / Socials & Blog

Case Studies
/ Booklets


Alongside his day to day UI/UX responsibilities, Kyle produced marketing materials at short notice, often with little time, no budget, and no direction. Despite these challenges, he created a seamless look and feel for Open Platform’s physical and digital marketing collateral.

Walls & Booth

Kyle created banners and other branded materials for Open Platform’s booths at fintech conferences across the US.

Swag & Handouts

Kyle produced company posters, stickers, and shirts as handouts for fintech meet-ups and conferences and to have around Open Platform’s offices.

SEO, Landing Pages, & Blogs

Kyle worked with a third party SEO Team and the marketing department to create product landing pages for Open Platform’s website and to develop Open Platform’s blog and social media channels. In each case, he created templates to ensure consistency in the future.

Quality Assurance &


Working in two-week sprints, Kyle helped support QA for the Open Platform website, creating Jira tickets for development with embedded screenshots every other week. To improve continuity, he created documentation outlining design components, general rules, and rules for major section areas of the site using confluence, which connected to Jira tickets, Zeplin, Invision, Google drives, and GitHub for further information.

Solutions / Delivery
  • Jira Tickets
  • Confluence breakdowns
  • Annotations, mapping, and researched solutions
  • Scrum meets & Sessions of issues
  • Zeplin Delivery Vs Production Servers
  • Worked with front-end developers & QA
Project Challenges


Never followed any of our processes


Silo Mentality


Withheld data that mattered
Project Outcome



There were a few of us that gave it our all, as we were an amazing team of three providing the following: copy, breakdown plans, insights, direction, and deliverables to the marketing team in the mist of continual interruptions in mid sprints. With the silo mentality and “We Needed this Yesterday” approach,  while sitting on for months, we were usually given nothing and no budget.  We pulled it off, time and time again, while keeping our other projects on track for delivery. Not everyone that Kyle has worked with can do this, regardless if this sounds negative, “this is a success in Kyle’s book”! 

“You can only bring them to the water, yet you can’t make them drink it…”


Here's what other team members had to say...

These new case studies look amazing! Speachless, thank you for all the hard work!

AlexHead of Marketing and Communications

Amazing White papers! This is an amazing piece of thought leadership, from a content and design perspectives.! Can't wait to integrate these into our marketing campaign!

AlexHead of Marketing and Communications

OP’s account based marketing strategy has launched! Thank you Kyle and Kath for creating a stellar, expert level content to appeal to our new target demographic!

AlexHead of Marketing and Communications