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UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
  • Business / Stakeholders
  • Product Team
  • Brand/Marketing Team
  • Development / Engineers
  • QA / Brand Quality

Supporting a
brand new

Banking as a Service Business


BBVA Open Platform is an API-driven, unified development platform that enables any company to embed banking and payment services into their own customer offering.

Built by fintech entrepreneurs for developers, it’s the first development platform to offer banking and payment services that companies can white label and offer under their own brand that’s backed by products, infrastructure and compliance framework of a leading US bank.


Managing UI Evolutions

Kyle managed BBVA Open Platform’s UI journey through a series of rebranding’s, new products offerings and new content initiatives.

User Interface Delivery
  • Storyboarding
  • Presentations Stakeholders
  • Research & Discovery – Design/Platforms
  • Consistent Design Across Platforms
  • Experimental & Testing designs
  • Design Strategy
  • Hi-Fidelity Mocks and Flows
  • New UI – New Features to existing apps
From Start-up to Enterprise

Brand Evolution

Designing and improving the user interface at BBVA Open Platform during a period of intense corporate transition involved incorporating several branding changes.

Branding & User Interface

Transition Periods
Op3n (Pilot & Demo)
Open Platform Part of the BBVA Group (Beta)
BBVA Open Platform
BBVA Open Platform (Enhancements & Decoupling)
2020 December
PNC's acquisition of BBVA USA / BBVA Open Platform


Creating a strong and engaging flow

Working with the content and product teams to present strong images that would help to support pages & content, Kyle instituted a process for photography usage from exploration to final output.

Solutions / Delivery
  • Mood boards
  • Examples & Discussions
  • Direction & Theme such as: Lighting, Color, Tone, and Angles
  • Manipulated Photography & Color Corrections
  • Improvisation “Lack Of Budget” – Utilized Unsplash, Pexels, etc
  • Managed Process as such: Exploratory Rounds to Final Output

Iconography &


Using BBVA’s global icon sets as a framework, Kyle created BBVA Open Platform’s iconography & illustrations from scratch, customizing & augmenting purchased icons & illustrations to honor time and budget constraints.

Solutions / Delivery
  • Planning / Consistency
  • Manipulated & Created New Iconography
  • Customized 3D Iconic Set
  • Iconography Animations
  • Utilized Resources / Save Time & Money
  • Illustrated API Mappings
  • Hi-Fidelity Design
  • Created & Manipulated Illustrations

Color Usage

Built & Sorted

Over the course of this project and several rebranding transitions, Kyle built upon the colors of the global brand to meet BBVA Open Platform’s changing needs.

The images below show how the company’s UI – colors, patterns & shadow sets – evolved over time.

These new colors helped to define, separate, and organize the site’s content by section, service, and product.


Kyle built a UI design system and an interchangeable UI branding kit to fit BBVA’s global branding and the branding needs of its subsidiary business.

Flows, Features, & Content

Managing the Evolution

Working with the product and content teams to generate new ideas, Kyle helped to make ongoing improvements to the site’s content. This included wholesale revisions of complete sections of the site, such as the technical documentation and case studies, alongside completely new content components, such as new landing pages.

Solutions / Delivery
  • Lo-Fidelity / Hi-Fidelity
  • New Features & Band-aids
  • Testing / Feedback Reworks
  • Developers Feedback Reworks
  • Content Hierarchy through design
  • Navigation and Behaviors
  • Experimental Demos
  • UI Components / Libraries
  • Broke down Component Plans / Workshops
  • Confluence Documentation / Crosslinked to Zeplin & Jira tickets
  • Worked with Front-end Development / QA
  • Organized Production to Delivery


Kyle successfully managed the evolution of BBVA Open Platform’s UI through a period of rapid and challenging transition.

Project Growth


Cards Issued




API Calls (Per Wk)
Bank Award
Project Outcome


BBVA Open Platform’s site was publicly launched on deadlines and on the budget at the end of 2018, sharing it’s suite of innovative banking and payment APIs with the world. The company has continued to increase transaction volumes, revenues, and adding new clients such as; partnerships that included Google,  to then being acquired by PNC Financial by 2020. 

Awards & Mentions
  • 2017 Excellence Award – Hinge/Open Platform – “Unwavering commitment & Delivery”
  • 2018 Certified Scrum – Mountain Goat
  • 2019 Excellence Award – BBVA Open Platform – “UX/UI Design”
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Here's what other team members had to say...

I have had the chance to work with Kyle for the BBVA Open Platform web project, where he has been our main head of UX and UI design. Kyle is a hard worker, committed and passionate about his job and his assignments. He actively listens and no matter the scope or the challenge, he goes beyond expectations.

He has been a multi-functional key partner on this project, covering a wide range of areas with a high-quality delivery (UX, wireframes, processes, prototypes, UI-Fidelity design, branding, logos, icons), however, what I have most enjoyed with him is his creativity side.

Having worked with others designers, I can tell that Kyle is an extraordinary professional to self-manage timings and efforts to meet deadlines and expectations.

Macarena Peña GarcíaNew Digital Businesses @ BBVA Global

Kyle is a nice addition to our design team. His knowledge of UX/UI and his love for art caught our attention when we first brought him on. Since then he has continued to excel and help different clients with their various design requests.

He has been a great team player yet can effectively excel on projects on his own. He is self-motivated, a cool guy, and a great designer.

Shalia AinaHead of User Experiences & Design @BBVA Dallas

Kyle is an exceptionally gifted designer. He is a strong self starter, and can diagnose and problem solve complex UX and UI challenges at an expert level. He is a great team player, can manage multiple projects simultaneously, and has great client relationship management skills. He is a valuable addition to any team.

Ryan TreesGlobal Director of Experience Design @ BBVA Dallas