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UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
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  • IOS Team
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Barclays Wearables

Project Swift


In the run up to Apple Watch going on general sale in the UK on April 24th, Barclays has announced that it will be one of the first apps available through the new technology.

The Barclays app will enable customers to securely check the balance of their current account on the go, linked to the Barclays Mobile Banking app. Up to five current accounts can be accessed, which the user can swipe through to view.


Bridging UI Across Devices

This project’s challenge for Kyle was jumping into each of the devices with no prior experience with any of the wearables in addition to the iWatch. As they each carried a set of very different specs due to face sizes and development differences under the hood.

As the iWatch in it’s self had very little data and input nor examples other than the developer’s tool kits, site, and what apple had provided publicly since it wasn’t in the market yet.

This is part two of the swift project, user interface designs, UI cycles, exploratory progress to the final output, and delivery.

User Interface Delivery
  • Storyboarding
  • Presentations Stakeholders
  • Research & Discovery – Design/Platforms
  • Consistent Design Across Platforms
  • Experimental & Testing Designs
  • Design Strategy & Pitch decks
  • Hi-Fidelity Mocks and Flows
  • New UI – New Features to existing apps
  • Finalization, Assets, Delivery + Fine-tuning
UI Exploration & Testing
Concepts & Testing UI




UI Renditions


User Tests & Technical Demo's

The above examples are finding the similarities and sweet spots in typography sizing, displays, color, and graphic meters in how they would fit across each of the wearables that can be consistent. Some of the most extensive testings were on the meters and functionality in replicating the same on each device.

Styles & Iconography







Visual Design
iWatch Finals




Wearable Apps


Apple & Android Platforms
App Styles







Streamlining Visual Design
Android Moto
Samsung Gear
Move Money
Integration to Native App
iPhone Finals




Wearable Apps


Added Enhancements
Project Outcome


As a team we hit all of our milestones, staff pilots, testing pilots while accomplishing our Apple / Android launch on time and on iTunes / Google Play.
As a result, it turned out as a  great success with awesome publications and reviews throughout the UK upon launch.

Project Outcome
  • Best Apple Watch Apps Available At Launch
  • Job offer from Apple prior to launch
  • Numerous Publications: UK HuffPost, Tech Watch, & Etc.
  • Barclays gave me a slice of pizza, cupcake, and a team hand clap & as managers were promoted
Project Stats


Coffee Intake


Hoops to jump through


New curse word combos


Here's what other team members had to say...

Kyle is a very bright and versatile designer capable of working on a wide variety of projects. His work on our data visualization dashboards and our watch app has stood out and received great acclaim within the the bank and received positive feedback from Apple.

Kyle is a self starter who always does his best work and does not need supervision. Kyle has been the glue using design and ideation to connect teams of developers, brand and the business across the globe.

He is able to generate new business for the team simply by becoming the go-to guy for his clients!

Don RelyeaDirector - Head of Design Technology and Prototyping/O&T Intellectual Property Chair @ Barclays

Kyle is a superb professional and great executor. He has excellent UXI/UI skills and has delivered projects at senior management level.

Kyle worked with me on several high profile, high value business analytic projects at Barclays. His UX/UI work spanned across multiple organizations that included an Executive Data Analytics dashboard, global Real Estate management and visualization application and a comprehensive Retail Banking analytics application. The functionality, navigation, drill down, branding were all very compelling.

Kyle is a great team player, pleasing personality and focused on delivering exceptional customer experience. Given opportunity I would love to work with him again.

Suresh RaoTechnical Director & Lead of Engineering @ Barclays

Kyle is a brilliant UI/UX designer, over the course of 10 months he continually delivered high quality designs that completely transformed the look and feel of our dashboards across multiple portfolios, helping to gain buy in from senior executives and business leaders on our analytical projects.

In addition to design, Kyle also has a great understanding of how to translate the needs of an end user into a visually compelling interface that delivers the best user experience possible. I highly recommend Kyle and hope that we get to work with him again in future.

Kesenia AbbohVP, Advanced Analytics & Magnetization @ Barclays