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UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
  • Product Owners
  • Lead Admins 
  • Front / Back-End Development

Visual Design Sessions

KYC & KYB Admin Tools


To the continuation of the visual design process for Open Platforms KYC/KYB Admin tools. A small team that was always out of time and resources that pulled off a relentless project for this start up with many successes along the way.

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Simplified through
UI Designs

Despite the challenges we pulled together and pushed through and created the magic from the ground up. Kyle lead the visual designs and ended up becoming a one man show between several teams juggling the every day tasks while pushing the boundaries and solutions for the end product for our admin teams and Open Platform’s clients.

User Interface Delivery
  • Storyboarding
  • Presentations Stakeholders
  • Research & Discovery – Design/Platforms
  • Consistent Design Across Platforms
  • Experimental & Testing designs
  • Design Strategy
  • Hi-Fidelity Mocks and Flows
  • New UI – New Features to existing apps
  • UX/UI Design system integrations
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UI Kits Built & Integrated

Since BBVA has started this new endeavor into the fintech aka: “New Digital Business Model”,  a lot of the BBVA’s UI was centered around the standard banking services and branches. Kyle had created new UI components centered around the admin tools and Open Platforms APIs in how they worked, integrating these into the preexisting libraries seamlessly. He took the liberty in doing this with growth and flexibility in mind. While he established a UX system, UI System processes to fit into the stages of finalization and delivery within the BBVA NDB UI kits including back up versioning.

Delivery / Solutions
  • Created processes for online outputs used; Zeplin, Invision, Jira, & Confluence
  • Behaviors, patterns, color usage, and iconography adapted and streamlined
  • Tables, notifications, alerts, editing, emailing, note taking components were designed/added to masters
  • Multilevel multifunctional components that saved time
  • Design Processes from experimentation, review, finals, to breakdown into masters and version control
  • Hi-fidelity designs, flows, Band-Aids, and Component evolution of design
UI Design System Sketch / Zeplin
User interface design system
UI Design Demos on Invisionapp
UI Design Measurements

Building UI

With growth In mind

This is a brief example showing Kyle’s experimental designs combined with pitches of condensing features, notification color usage,  and iconic symbolism to help minimize and condense a lot of information into a limited space. Not to include many contingencies of backend development of API calls and limitations while keeping in mind many of the other challenges were being worked through some of these examples.


Hi-Fidelity UI Design Evolved

Less Clicks

Leads to More Tricks

Kyle consolidated the number of clicks getting into the clients profiles and details of the verification process for admins. He maximized the viewing space and clean the controls and functionality. While improving prioritization on the pages and highlighting the daily routines that the admins would go through for an easier process, readability, adding notes, editing clients, or to verify, decline to save time and less clicks. These were the tricks for happy admins. It was the steps forward to get closer to automation.

Delivered / Solutions
  • Brought and created all information to the forefront of the admin in sync to their daily routines, and the processes of handling the verification for Open Platforms clients.
  • Brought in accordions to maximize space in highly sensitive areas such as new headers of profiles.
  • Reduced clicks – by consolidating quick click behaviors for reviewing documents or making notations & action roles
  • Organized alert types and notifications and flows
  • Brought all alert/types codes dynamically upon user profile viewing, helping admins to dissect issues quicker
  • Maximized all viewing space to the full width of page instead of half while opening up all rows/interactions
  • Easy controls for documents, new uploads, and reading sent documents from clients
Project Stats


Errors Found More Efficiently


Clients Quickly Onboarded


Admin Time Saved
Project Outcome


Over a two year period we had hit all of our pitches, beta launches, soft launches to final deployment regardless of its challenges and hiccups. This was truly remarkable as if any one knows working within a hundred 150 year old institution would understand the red tape and hoops you will jump through in order of getting things done.

Open Platform had onboarded several clients and had huge growth while the admins were running thousands of verifications weekly through these tools. Overtime this project went through many improvements and added features over the course of this period of time.

Awards & Mentions
  • 2017 Excellence Award – Hinge/Open Platform – “Unwavering Commitment & Delivery”
  • 2018 Certified Scrum Master- Mountain Goat
  • 2019 Excellence Award – BBVA Open Platform – “UX/UI Design”