30K Ft View

About this Theme & Site Concept

Kylevena.com is meant to be a teaser and focusing from a 30 thousand foot view of who the hell is Kyle? An archived historical overview of his professional career.  As of now there are a set of old work more or less as case studies in play of setting up templates and a foundation while a lot more work and a blog will be added soon to this site. And Kyle’s playground will open on kvdzines.com

As of now phase one of this overhaul was in order for the site to be established with a foundation that Kyle can enjoy having some fun with, mixing professional work and some play. Moving forward in this approach, Kyle wanted to streamline digital data illustrations and minimum photography interwoven together with a digital particles showing the impact of color, treatments, movement, and simplicity. Eventually all the photography on this site will be stripped away and replaced with his own, as well all illustrations will change and be turn into mico animations utilizing java/jquery for fun.

To be continued & updated…”

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Shout Outs

Below are some of the photographers from unsplash Kyle used on this site. If it’s been tweaked or manipulated for my own story or not, they all deserve credit for awesome work, as its appreciated.

“Special Thx & BigUpz2 each of yeah!”